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What is, Her Choice?

Reading Her Choice is an intensely emotional experience as it portrays the perpetual battle between self-interest and self-sacrifice. Although it is a novel--and thus fiction--Her Choice is based upon documented events surrounding the abortion debate.

Why write, Her Choice?

The fundamental goal of Her Choice is to address the issues, procedures, and potential consequences associated with an abortion decision ... topics many are not aware of, let alone debate. It is difficult to raise awareness and outrage when so much of the debate has been couched in a tragic fog of obscene pronouncements like "Reproductive Justice." I was called to write a different story ... one where Maria and Kat find the courage to overcome horrendous adversity while saving a defenseless child. I write for the often-ignored back streets and barrios of life, in the hope that an exciting, real-world thriller may be picked up and read. In doing so, my intention is not to judge, but to shine a different kind of light on this most divisive human rights issue of our time. For those who have already made an abortion decision, this book offers only the promise of grace and a story of hope; but much more for their sons and daughters when the time is right or the risk is imminent. I do not strive to prevent a man or woman from making a choice, but merely to ensure they have all the information needed to fully understand what they do. My mission is not to make abortion illegal, but to make it irrelevant, and to prevent the tragedies of rape and incest from being placed upon an innocent child. My prayer is to touch the heart of at least one person who will choose to save that child, and thus themselves from a step that cannot be retraced.

When asked who would write such a book--a book like no other, I strained to hear yet no one answered ... and so I stood.

Abortion -- illegal or irrelevant?

Abortion is not a legal issue, but rather one of the heart. We cannot expect to merely pass a law and make abortion go away. History has numerous examples of expired, reversed and ignored laws (e.g., murder). A judicial system through historical precedence is a representation of people's current mores and morals -- abortion is an eternal tragedy. Until each of us acknowledges the true value of our children, no law will result in meaningful change. My prayer is that whether abortion is on the books as legal or illegal, people will make it irrelevant by inherently rejecting it.

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